Questions & Answers

How does the algorithm work?

The algorithm takes the numbers of followers of an account and downloads data accordingly. If you have, say, 50,159 followers the hashtags you’re suggested will differ to an account with 5,159. The larger following account will have hashtags with higher exposure, since it is more likely this account will be featured in the top posts or on the respective community. We’ll soon allow a user to choose how they like the algorithm.

How can I get my community featured, and how do you collect the hashtags?

The hashtags are hand collected from hundreds of photos, and then ranked using the Instagram API to determine the outreach—and the authenticity—of each. If your community hashtag is not featured, keep up with the hard work and it will soon be.

I have a community channel and would love to promote Focalmark. Do you have an affiliate program?

We don’t have an official marketing program, but please get in touch.

Where can I suggest/kindly request new categories, locations and cameras to be added?


What happened to the web platform?

Since Instagram doesn’t allow posting from the web, we have deprecated the web app for the time being.

I found a problem, you should fix it?

Yes, we should. Please send it to:

Will you launch Focalmark in other languages?

Hopefully we’ll get around to it! If you would like to help with any translating, let us know.

I found a problem, what should I do?

Please send it to:

Why am I limited to X number of hashtags?

We limit the number of hashtags unless you purchase Focalmark Unlimited—this is to make we can keep going without sponsorship and biased hashtags, those would ruin the app. If you have unlocked Unlimited, there is an upper limit per category selection: 23 for a style; 7 for location and 7 for equipment. This may change in the future, but is due to the design of the algorithm and availability of truly authentic hashtags.

I uninstalled the app and lost my purchase. What should I do?

Click “Restore purchases”.

I’m a business and want a more substantial platform. Can you build me one?

Yes, probably. Sign up in the app from the side menu and you’ll reach out to you.

How did Focalmark come about?

Focalmark is Nick’s little side project. He got frustrated with having to copy and paste hashtags from a notes application, so made a basic website with a few photography hashtags. Eventually, after lots of things breaking, it became what is it today. It still remains a side project, so please give him time to reply to questions and problems. And do not mock him writing in the third person.

How can I contact the person who made this to get another question and answer?

Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcome and should be addressed to